Digital Tachograph News Day Transport

Tachograph use one hand up to improve road traffic safety, optimize vehicle performance – help drivers develop a person’s correct driving habits, forward the other hand and help enterprises improve statigic planning efficiency and effectiveness connected logistics operations.

Because of tachograph at the country as a fabulous novelty promotion is less than long, a lot together with users for the identity of the recorder owns not been a required understanding, coupled with domestic transport complex environment, promotion mode now goes on to be improved within order to such annual and dues after all, not a new form of forced rendering of a sexual satisfaction approach, universal need comfy force. sinotruk parts catalog, howo parts catalog Facilities and vehicles primarily effort; you need the just guidance, countries need in the market to do publicity and study to develop and amend the reasonable and applicable regulatory subsidy system; my major manufacturers but of course actively participate in showcase activities, the progressive detection of the product definition logger play the efficiency of its use, no more than parties to work together with each other in order to get hold of winwin.

Dan blablabla, nggak pentinglah, yang jelas aturan diatas berlaku untuk para supir komersial di European union Union, mereka yang bekerja bawa truk, bis dan lainlain, mereka ini jadi target karena preserves kerja harian mereka yang tadinya tinggi. tacografo digital ini saya bukan mau bahas bagimana aturan selengkapnya, yang penting kita tahu kalau di Eropa pun punya aturan yang berlaku di seluruh European union untuk mengatur waktu nyupir maksimum para supirsupir komersial. Tiap supir diatur maksimum hanya boleh preserves nyupir dalam sehari, total ada lagi hitungan detail, istirahat mesti gimana, mecah istirahatnya boleh seperti apa.

Itungannya detail, rumit dan pelik . kalo nyatet sendiri. digitaltacho Pakai unit card segala tachograph